About Us


Our Mission Statement

To provide potable, dependable, quality domestic water service to member customers that meet both Federal and State health standards at the most economical cost. 


Our History

On April 29, 1955 at 8 p.m. a meeting of persons interested in a domestic water line to the Upper Surface Creek District was held. At that meeting, they elected 3 directors to carry this project forward; decided that Cedar Mesa residents could join in the project; and any person interested to sign their names and pay $5.00 per tap to raise the money to start the process for a F.H.A loan. By the end of the meeting 34 people had signed that they were interested in the proposed project. By September 22, 1955 Upper Surface Creek Domestic Water Users Association was incorporated. 



Today, we provide water to over 1,000 customers with the same goal we had in 1955. Many people have come and gone and through the years the technology has changed but the spirit of that original group that met in 1955 still lives on.