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May 14, 2003
Mayor William Miller
Town of Cedaredge
P.O. Box 398
Cedaredge, Co. 81413

Certified Letter # 7099 3220 0003 0279 3439

RE: BOIL WATER ORDER- Town of Cedaredge Water Supp1y. PWSID# CO0 115171 & Upper Surface Creek Domestic WA PWS1D# COO 115784. Delta County

Dear Mayor Miller:

This letter is to formally notify you that the "Boil Water Order" placed upon the Town of Cedaredge's drinking water system is lifted.

The Town of Cedaredge's drinking water treatment facility operations and procedures have been updated, the water quality has been brought back into compliance with the requirements of the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Reglations (CPDWRs), and the distribution system has been properly flushed and disinfected.

The Water Quality Control Division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (Division) has received the letter from Maria Forster, the Town Administrator, dated May 13, 2003, addressed to Mr. Tom Schaffer, Offica Supervisor for the Division's Grand Junction Office. The correspondence states:

The facts surrounding the facility's water quality problems;

The public notification steps taken to protect public health during the problem period;

The procedure used to disinfect and flush the distribution system;

The Town is undertaking a thorough evaluation of operations and procedures to help determine what corrective action measures are needed to prevent recurrence of the problem;

The Town retained the services of Mr. Mike Kishbaugh to serve as your Operator-inResponsible-Charge; and

The Town's water treatment facility has been producing water compliant with the CPDWRs for the past several days, as confirmed by Mr. Kishbaugh and Mr. Noah, the Town's Public Works Director.

Based upon the above information, the "Boil Water Order" is hereby lifted. The effective date of this action is May 14, 2003.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment commends the Town of Cedaredge and Mr. Gary Noah, the Town's Public Works Director, for self-imposing the initial "Boil Water Advisory" and improving the operations and procedures associated with drinking water treatment. The actions may have prevented an outbreak of waterborne disease and should prevent the non-compliant situation from recurring.

Should you have any comments or questions, please contact me at 303-692-3548,-or Mike Havens at (970) 248-7147.



Glenn A. Bodnar, P.E.
Technical Services Unit

cc: Mr. Gary Noah - Director of Public Works-Town of Cedaredge
Mr. Dan Hawkins - Upper Surface Creek Water System
Delta County Health Dept.
Mr. Mike Havens - District Engineer - CDPHE
Mr. Chet Pauls - Drinking Water Manager - CDPHE
Mr. Scoff Klarich-CADM Unit-CDPHE
Ms. Liz Boyd - CADM Unit - CDPHE
Ms. Betsy Beaver - Liason to the Water & Wastewater Operator Certification Board
Ms. Patti Klocker - Consumer Protection Division
Ms. Alicia Cronquist - Division of Epidemiology-CDPHE
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File: Upper Surface Creek Water System -